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Weigman IP69 hygienic enclosure

New Wiegmann Hygienic Enclosures

Built to protect electronics from the harsh environment and cleaning requirements of food and beverage manufacturing, these boxes are also ideal for pharmaceutical, medical, and water treatment applications.


  • constructed of 304 Stainless Steel with food-safe, non-porous silicone gaskets to allow for quick safe cleaning
  • Sloped surfaces and minimal catch points reduce contamination and she water away
  • Hygienic door latched and internal hinges reduce the risk of bacteria growth

The Reel Payoff® Premium

Encore Wire’s new Reel Payoff® Premium is more durable with enhanced weatherability! Transitioning the classic version of the Reel Payoff® to a single sheet of hard wood, the new Reel Payoff® Premium includes a metal band and metal drum that is pre-cut with wire-tail slots to accommodate virtually any wire size. These upgrades are designed with large projects in mind, taking the industry’s first self-spinning wooden reel to the next level.



  • It’s more stable and has a decreased overall pulling tension
  • The set-up time is decreased
  • Studies show it’s reusable for future projects under normal, controlled conditions
  • It’s easier to maneuver and is more durable
  • Similar to the classic version, there is no jack-stand needed!

Killark’s EZ Seal

The EZ Seal Offers the fastest and safest way to pour a seal fitting for hazardous classified electrical conduit systems. Its revolutionary and unconventional design offers virtually zero preparation prior to pouring the seal. The EZ Seal is the only seal-off on the market that allows the installer 360 degrees of unimpeded access to the conductors with minimal packing fiber required to dam the seal due to a preinstalled solution. No more tooling or frustrating attempts to separate the wires during the prepping process due to little spacing. Use everyone’s favorite two-part epoxy resin, CELOX™ as the compound solution for fastest results.



  • Symmetrical and uniform design allows for a quicker installation due to immediate connection to the conduit – no more lining up pouring spouts
  • Minimal turn radius offering optimized spacing for both enclosures and conduit
  • 360° unimpeded access to potting chamber allowing simplified compound pouring
  • Pre-installed disc brush damming technology to drastically reduce packing fiber and installation time
  • Retrofittable in case the need to rerun wires occur
  • Certified to both fast curing two-part epoxy resin, CELOX, and the traditional SC sealing compound
  • Type 3R rated for outdoor applications

Raco  – STAB-IT Electrical Box


Patented TKO 1/2″ & 3/4″ eccentric knockouts (Per U.L. 514-A, suitable for use without a bonding jumper in circuits above or below 250 volts); combination cover screw heads provide for faster mudring/cover installation; raised ground provision in back of box

  • Square boxes are used where multiple conductor runs are split into two or more directions to bring power to a number of electrical devices
  • For use with lighting fixtures, switches, or receptacles, this box can be installed in a ceiling or wall
  • Combination screw heads provide for faster installation
  • TKO® Knockouts offer greater flexibility with RACO patented combination 1/2 and 3/4 in knockout
  • With conduit knockouts
  • Suitable for use without a bonding jumper in circuits above or below 250 volts
  • Welded construction
  • Raised ground